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What makes BullStresser services different from others.

  • Network Power

    Our amplification power is 350 GBIT, our RAWTCP Around 20 GBIT and RAWUDP 35 GBIT, also we are always looking forward to increment this number.

  • Spoofed Attacks

    All the attacks that are launched from our panel are all Spoofed, this means that you can't be traced and you will stay anonymous.

  • Private Scripts

    The most of our scripts are private, that means that we won't most likely suffer any attacked firewall patch.

  • Methods

    We have more than 50 TCP, UDP and Layer 7 methods, able to stress test almost any existing firewall, connection or application without any compromise. It is possible to find all methods descriptions on our fantastic custom web panel.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Our dedicated nodes are connected to unshared gbit ports and with their hardware and port specs are able to send stress tests within milliseconds with a considerable amount of packets.

  • Support

    Our worldwide support is formed to solve all problems, from website bugs to dedicated servers problems within minutes, 7 days a week.